Recruitment process

Although every search is tailored to fit the needs of each international development client resulting in variability of some details, most search processes will be similar to the following:

Stage 1:
At the beginning of each assignment, we meet with key individuals from your organisation to discuss and agree upon the parameters and the terms of business for the search. At this time, your needs are assessed, taking into consideration the position, the organisational culture and any other factors that may affect the search. At this point, we agree to work together and sign a contract. The first payment is required at this time.

Stage 2:
Once we have agreed to work together, we ensure that you have a comprehensive specification of the job and the person required to do it and formulate a recruiting strategy based upon extensive preliminary research. The job specification includes an overview of the role as well as of the responsibilities, qualifications and experience required, while recruiting strategies are multi-pronged and rely on targeted Internet advertising and on extensive networking and research.

Stage 3:
Having defined the key selection criteria with you, targeted advertising and research are begun. The job is advertised through relevant media and Internet outlets. Moreover, and most importantly, in addition to drawing on our in-depth sector understanding, additional research is done in order to find the candidates best qualified for the role. As part of the process, we speak with many of our contacts in the relevant fields to obtain their informal opinions and recommendations regarding people suitable for the role. Through our numerous contacts, we also disseminate the job details widely via e-mail. If need be, the search strategy is adjusted to ensure location of the best candidates for the position.

Stage 4:
Based upon our ongoing research and marketing, we approach potential candidates to determine both their suitability and interest. Before any candidate is presented to you, the client, preliminary candidate screening is undertaken by rigorously assessing her or his suitability and competency. Through this process, a long-list of candidates is compiled and presented to the client. Chinmaya Consultants HR consultants then evaluate the long-list of candidates with the client to agree a formal short-list. The second stage fee is charged when this short-list has been agreed.

Stage 5:
The first set of interviews is undertaken. Depending on your wishes, this task is either undertaken by you, by Chinmaya Consultants HR or by the two of us together. Based on the interview results, a short-list of candidates is established.

Stage 6:
A second, and often final, round of interviews is conducted with short-listed individuals. This usually results in selection of a suitable candidate. As in the case of the first round, your needs determine the degree to which Chinmaya Consultants HR participates in the interview and selection process.

Stage 7:
A candidate is selected, and her or his references checked. If the references check out, a package and start date are negotiated. Usually, the client will carry out these functions, but we are very happy to advise and support at this stage. At this point, the final payment is due.

Stage 8:
Most assignments end with a debriefing between the search consultant(s) and the client organisation to evaluate client satisfaction and to identify means to improve the quality of service offered by Chinmaya Consultants HR.

Even after a search has ended, Chinmaya Consultants HR remains committed to you, our client, and the candidate we have recruited and will help with induction and other issues. We are happy either to assist you directly or refer you to the appropriate resources. To see the other services we offer, please refer to "What we do".